What are the Benefits of Google AdMob?

Growing your app business takes a lot of effort! You build an excellent app and also have users on it, but generating revenue is hard.

With Google AdMob’s programmatic demand and actionable insights, making money on your app is easier. Before we get to that, let’s understand the fundamentals of Google AdMob.

What is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is a mobile advertising platform built for publishers to generate revenue from their apps. The in-app ads and features offered by Google AdMob create scope to earn more money and analyze better ways to generate revenue.

AdMob delivers matching ads to the users as per the criteria set. It works for both Android and iOS apps. So, in case you have a mobile app and want to monetize it, then AdMob is the go-to platform through which you can generate revenue.

How AdMob Work?

Let’s think from the user’s point of view, suppose you are using an application and happen to see an irrelevant ad, would it be of any importance to you?

Most likely, No. Although, if an advertisement of your interest is shown to you, you may click and check out more details on the subject matter.

Hence, it is very crucial that the right type of ad is shown so that you can keep your users not just engaged but also generate revenue out of their engagement.

For example, a user is browsing the web with an intention to buy shoes but doesn’t make a purchase. However, when he is surfing on your app, he sees a discounted ad for the same pair of shoes he was interested in buying.

In such a case, not only the attention of the user is attracted, but there is also a higher possibility for him to click the ad generating revenue for you as the publisher.

The way Google AdMob works is that it displays relevant ads to your users so that you can make the most of it!

Let’s further take an in-depth look at how AdMob works?

Advertisers pay to display their products or services to app users. You, as an app owner simply have to create space for the ad on the app.

Google AdMob acts as a mediator bringing you and the advertiser together, ensuring accuracy, relevance, revenue, and results.

There are three-core functions of AdMob, those are:

  1. To promote your app on in-app ads.
  2. To monetize your app by enabling in-app advertising.
  3. To offer intelligent insights with Google Analytics and optimize revenue.

What is AdMob mediation?

Mediation is an innovative feature offered by Google AdMob to manage multiple ad sources in a unified platform.

With AdMob’s mediation feature you can send incoming ad requests to multiple ad sources and ensure you find the best available ad sources to fill the requests.

Mediation also creates groups called mediation groups based on optimized performance and ranks them to maximize your revenue.

You can set up, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks in one go! Working with various advertising sources creates demand for your ad inventory, which helps generate more revenue.

What are the types of bidding?

There are two types of bidding ad sources you can use in your mediation groups:

  1. Bidding ad sources from the mediation group.
  2. Bidding ad as a part of the AdMob Network.

Steps that define how AdMob works:

Step 1. An ad unit on the app generates ad requests;
Step 2. These ad requests are matched by either AdMob or with one of the mediation groups;
Step 3. A real-time bidding auction is initiated by AdMob;
Step 4. The AdMob’s mediation feature opts for the highest bid ad source.
Step 5. Once confirmed as per the criteria set the ad request is filled.

What Are the Top Four Features of Google Admob?

1. An Ingenious Technology

Google AdMob offers the most advanced automation technology that allows to ingeniously maximize the revenue of every impression served throughout all the ad networks.

2. Ad Formats That Deliver Results

Innovative ad formats such as native, rewarded, banner, video and interstitial ads can be easily built to engage and retain users. Also, ads can be built to customize the user experience, so that you as a publisher can generate more revenue.

3. Analytics That Help You Make the Right Choices

Google AdMob offers analytics that helps you make the right choices and lets you scale your mobile app earnings and improve customer experience. It offers detailed insights into users’ behavior. AdMob can be integrated with Google Analytics for Firebase to give you the perfect analytical data.

4. Advanced Monetization Technology & Tools

Boost your in-app ad revenue with Google AdMob’s automated tools and advanced monetization technology such as mediation and bidding.

Here Are the Benefits of Google AdMob:

1. Actionable Reporting

App businesses need to track users, measure generated revenue, and check the CTR (click-through rate) and other metrics in order to analyze the ROI of their business. Google AdMob creates meticulous reports with its advanced features and filters to generate actionable insights.

2. World’s Largest Global Ad Networks

Google AdMob collaborates with millions of advertisers and contests for ad space on apps. From the most well-known brands to the SME and regional businesses – all aim at paying and getting the best ad position. This translates to higher demand for relevant ads that generate higher revenue for you as an app owner or publisher.

3. Earn The Highest CPM

Google AdMob makes use of third-party networks and displays ads from the highest-paying network. This means you can earn the best cost for your ad units and earn the highest cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

4. Integration With Google Analytics

Google AdMob can be integrated with Google Analytics and offer metrics related to engagement, revenue, screen views, sessions, app version, screen size, and more. You can use these analytics to generate actionable insights that improve your app vitals and further boost your ad revenue.

5. Complete Control & Brand Protection:

Google AdMob offers the best advertising policies and complete control to the publisher. This helps app owners like you control the types of ads you would like to display to your users so that you can protect your brand as well as ensure authenticity.

How to get started with AdMob?

To make the most out of Google AdMob you need a significant user base and the technical expertise on how to use Google AdMob. You may create a new AdMob account or sign in to your existing Google Admob account to get started.

However, maintaining and optimizing takes effort and methodological skills. Having a Google AdMob expert can help you with monetizing your app efficiently as well as optimize your revenue further.

Get in touch with Apdue! We help you set up, implement and optimize your Google AdMob Account so that every impression results in a higher yield and you generate the highest revenue for every impression served.

So, get ready to optimize your AdMob account and ultimately boost your ad revenues.


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