Our Success Stories

Firebase & Admob is all you need. Our product works on your existing setup to give you instant results.

Success Stories

Since inception, we have helped our publishers see huge changes, be it the increase in their revenue, or be it their App Business growth. You can read more about our happy publishers and their stories.

Read about the success stories of Apdue's Publishers

Increased eCPM by 100%

Music Player App
Interstitial format – 98.65% increase in average eCPM Appopen format – 40% increase in average eCPM

Increased Revenue by 48%​

Name Shadow Art Wallpaper
Banner format: 22% increase in eCPM & 48% increase in Revenue Native Ad format: 30% increase in eCPM & 33% increase in Revenue

Increased average eCPM by 143%

143% overall increase in the Average eCPM

Increased eCPM by 50%

All Bank Balance Check​
Ad Formats: Native: 49.65% increase in eCPM Banner: 32.54% increase in eCPM App-Open: 16.9% increase in eCPM Interstitial: 23.9% increase in eCPM Overall App Level: 21.53% increase in eCPM

Increased Revenue by 25%​

MV Master – Lyrical status maker​
Interstitial Ad Format – 57% increase in eCPM 25% increase in Revenue

Increased eCPM by 76%

Tap Tap VPN – Fast Proxy VPN​
Banner Format: 76% rise in eCPM App-Open Format: 16.4% rise in eCPM Interstitial Format 56.6% rise in eCPM

Increased eCPM by 34%

Interstitial format: 46% rise in average eCPM App-Open format: 28.72% rise in average eCPM Overall App: 34.2% rise in eCPM 28.6% rise in average Revenue/day

Increased eCPM by 79%

4K Wallpapers – 4D, Live Background, Auto changer
Banner Ad format: 78.8% rise in eCPM Native Ad format: 75.3% rise in eCPM Interstitial Ad format: 57.95% rise in eCPM Appopen Ad format: 65.84% rise in eCPM Overall App level: 79.1% rise in eCPM