The New Era of App Monetization!

We are Google partners that support app publishers with a complete app growth cycle. We create solutions on App ideation, user acquisition, ad monetization and revenue optimization to boost your entire mobile application’s growth! Get in touch with us to know more!


One-Stop Solutions for App Business

We offer comprehensive one-stop solutions to unveil new market trends, grow a quality user base, maximize ad revenues and eventually boost the ROI of your app business.

Explore Google As A Publisher

We help you adapt app monetization platforms like Google AdMob & GoogleAdx to its full potential! We take care of all your ad ops and optimizations so you can focus on making great apps.

The New Era of App Monetization!

Understand Trends, Acquire Users & Monetize

App Ideation & ASO

Use this tool to discover new app ideas in demand, optimize your app store listing, and stay ahead of your competition

App Ideation & ASO

Use this tool to discover new app ideas in demand, optimize your app store listing, and stay ahead of your competition

Monetize with Google AdX

Monetize your app with Google AdX demand and gain access to premium advertisers and ad networks yielding maximum eCPM and fill rate possible.

Optimize Ad Revenue & eCPM

Increase your eCPM by 30% from Day 1 without integrating any SDK. All you need to get started is Google AdMob/AdX, Firebase and Google Analytics.


Quality User Base & Return-On-Investment


Build A Quality User Base For Your App

Run programmatic campaigns to promote your iOS or Android app and receive a greater number of inbound traffic, ultimately, resulting in a quality user base at scale.


Optimize your your CPI

Run curated experiments on your ad assets and ad campaigns to deliver upto 30% lower cost per install (CPI) at scale.



Sustainably grow your users with efficient budget consumption through expertise in targeting the right audience and simplified models.


Run ROI positive campaigns positive campaigns

Turn your app into a successful business by improving your ad campaign performance and user growth with positive ROI through our revenue optimization strategies.


Google AdX & Top Ad Networks


Dedicated Monetization Experts

Our team of monetization experts dedicatedly manage your ad placements to get high earning ads from Google AdX, Google AdMob and other premium ad networks and DSPs.


Trust & Performance

We drive revenue and maximize your ad earnings while giving seamless customer service. We build strong relationships with our customers, ensuring their best interest at all times.


Policy Compliance

Our monetization experts are in the industry for 8+ years and have thorough understanding of Google AdMob and Google Play policies ensuring uninterrupted monetization.


No SDK integration

No need to integrate any third party SDK to get started. All you need is the GMA SDK or AdMob’s SDK.


Firebase & Advanced Analytics


Plug and Play Setup

We optimize your revenue without use of any SDK with our Firebase framework. All we need is your Google Firebase to get started.


Google Firebase

We integrate an exclusively built Firebase framework on your app, through which we gather insights and analyze the data to increase the revenue streams of your app.


Maximize Revenue for each Impression

Our granular ad placement analysis and real-time KPI monitoring allows us to maximize the ad revenue for each impression served.


Personalised App Consultancy

Our experts understand your unique value proposition, user flow and potential scope for improvement and audit UI/UX for your app to deliver personalized optimization strategy.


For App Ideation, ASO & Competitor Analysis


Single platform for App Market Research

An all in one innovative platform for you, to help you discover current market trends, track your competition, boost your ASO and be ahead of your competition.


App Store Optimization (ASO)

Our tool helps you with App Store Optimization (ASO) to increase app store visibility, app conversion rate and overall organic growth.


Play Store/App Store Analysis

Our unified dashboard and user-friendly workflow quickly gives you an analysis with actionable insights on how your app is doing on google play and app store.


Track your competition

Watchlist your competitors on our Market Intelligence tool and never miss out on their new updates and performance tracking.


What our clients say

Apdue's optimization team helped me make my app profitable by optimizing the eCPM and overall Ad Revenue to get a better ROAS. Really thankful to the team for giving these results with their optimization product.

Maulik CEO, Capset Infotech

I was facing low eCPM issues in most of my apps. I tried using a few strategies of my own but could not do much. With Apdue's Plug-and-Play optimization suit, I saw great results and could't be happier

Nayan CTO, Logicbuzz Infotech

We are thankful to the Apdue team for helping us to grow our revenue. Support team is very active and they are ready to help at any time.

Chirag CEO, Qtonz Infotech

Really amazed by the returns the optimization team has given! Great work and thank you.

Viral Patel CEO, Pthink Infotech

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