Hamro Patro doesn’t own and assume responsibility of any news content published via its mobile application and websites. Hamro Patro uses RSS feed to gather and display news content. Forex data is based on Nepal Rasta Bank Foreign exchange rate. Gold/Silver prices are based on Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Associa­tion. Vegetable prices are based on cmcb-pa EFFTFBITTBWItt osxpir.pi*r                               Hamro
Radio is a streaming client and doesn’t stream/host any content by itself. Images/ Logo are copyright of their respective owners. If you want to add/update/remove your radio station, please inform us at [email protected] Panchange is based on 5:45am in Nepal time. Tithi for upcoming years are calculated based on Sun and Moon position, and can change based on panchanga samithi decision.